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  • How to Start a Radio Station (1)

    1. Establish Demand
    Radio Stations are generally started out of a need to communicate with a large group of people. This need may arise out of common concerns to be addressed and communicated to inform people and get feedback from listeners. The success of a radio service can be attributed to its immediacy (live radio) and usually vast coverage area.

    2. Radio Planning
    Before considering making any serious investment in the radio establishment it is wise to do some planning and determine the expected costs for starting a radio station. Developing a detailed cost structure consisting out of all the costs to get on air and commence with the new broadcast service. You may want to consider first take a look at :
    (a) Financial Planning;
    (b) Technical Planning;
    (c) Radio Licencing;
    (d) Training, etc

    3. Radio Licencing
    Each Broadcast Authority have its set of Licence Application Forms, requirements, policies and legislation. All these need to be taken in account when making an application for a broadcast service licence.

    4. Equipment Roll-out
    As soon as you are licenced, you are expected to commence your broadcast service. This will require your station to roll-out radio studios, transmission network/s and setup support services.

    Digital Media is at your service to guide you through all the steps of planning, licencing and setting up your systems to commence broadcasting. For expert advice and assistance with setting up your radio station or help needed in any area of radio broadcasting you are welcome to contact us.

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